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The U.S. real estate industry includes approximately 270,000 companies, with over $310 billion in annual revenue. According to Forbes, the commercial market is continuing to improve at a moderate pace in all categories, with strong investor interest. The housing market is forecast to improve moderately in 2013. In South Florida, home sales rose in January, values are rising and investment firms are taking advantage of foreclosures. 

Are you paying too much tax? State governments, finding themselves in budget shortfalls are under pressure to enhance existing funding, or create new sources of funding. If you have operations in several states, you may be paying too much. One way to minimize taxes is through the right to apportion income for income tax purposes.

Our multi-state tax specialist, Carl Richie, offers our clients the knowledge and analysis that may save them tax dollars. Other professionals on our tax team bring special expertise to Florida, Federal and International tax issues.

Could your organization be more efficient, more profitable, or protected from risk? Sales-driven organizations often miss opportunities for better operational performance, or even put themselves at risk for compliance or security issues.  You may be focused so intently on your performance goals that you miss the chance to improve your business and your bottom line.

Our business advisory services team can help. Whether you are struggling to turn risk into opportunity, looking to raise the bar on performance, or considering the implementation of new technology, our professionals have a wealth of experience to offer.

Is your condo association having issues? As owners struggle economically, their pain is often passed on to their condo association. One foreclosure turns into several, owners declare bankruptcy, and association fees go unpaid. Bills pile up, and the situation seems hopeless. What does the condo law allow you to do?

Kaufman, Rossin's director of receivership and fiduciary services, Amir Isaiah, provides our clients with expertise on the evolving Florida condominium law. For example, an association now has the right to collect the entire rent from a delinquent owner's tenant.