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In 1927 the state of Florida moved to stop gambling at the Tampa Jockey Club. In 1950, gambling activities were shut down all over the state. Yet the gaming industry continues to operate here, in various forms, and more than 200 entities in the state, including Indian Casinos, gaming vessels, and distributors of gaming machines. The issues of gambling has been debated in the legislature for the past three years, and high profile lobbying efforts will likely continue, particularly given purchase of the Miami Herald building and surrounding property by Genting, Malaysian gambling industry entity, whose plans clearly include legislative changes. Meanwhile, business at the currently legal operations continues to stagnate, reflecting the economic downturn, and a recent Las Vegas case serves as a warning sign that trusted employees may pose a significant risk to valuable assets.

Is your information technology security solid? Or are your assets at risk? Security-related risks to any business are increasing daily. The number and complexity of computer viruses, cyber-attacks, theft, vendor negligence and fraud continue to rise. Risks to your financial data, risks to your trade secrets, risks to your clients' personal information, and risks to other assets are changing and increasing constantly. Successful cyber-theft or years of undetected employee fraud are much likelier than a dramatic Hollywood-style robbery.

Our professional team has decades of experience with information security risk assessment and management, including penetration testing to see where gaps in security are currently exposing you to theft, program design to mitigate future risk, and training to safeguard your assets from both customers and employees.

Are you in compliance with governing regulations? Do your auditors have knowledge to test your procedures? the As you know, these regulations are complex and vary by jurisdiction. Management must make sure that operations are compliant, and it's critical that auditors test compliance in accordance with proper procedures.

Our audit teams have years of experience in the gaming industry. As new regulations and requirements arise, we stay current through continuing professional education, consultation with resources, and going research.