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The US agriculture industry includes about 2 million farms with combined annual revenue of more than $300 billion, split between crop (47%) and animal production (53%). Close to 16,000 of those agricultural businesses exist in the state of Florida, with nearly 3,000 in South Florida. According to data reported by , the top 25 agricultural businesses in South Florida are all engaged in crop production, with Fresh Del Monte leading the pack, followed by Falcon Farms.

Is your family business secure for the next generation? Like many family business owners, farmers often neglect succession planning until it\'s too late.

Kaufman, Rossin\'s Estate and Trust professionals have significant experience helping families in the farming industry implement estate plans that protect holdings and minimize estate tax implications.

Is cash flow impacted by seasonality or economic conditions? Constant attention to cash flow is a requirement in your industry. Are all of your key indicators easy to monitor and forecast? Is information at your fingertips?

Our Accounting Services professionals and Quickbooks ProAdvisors can help clients identify and seize opportunities, by creating financial processes and reports that make monitoring and forecasting more efficient. We\'ve been a source for the media on the topic of cash flow for several years.

Do you want to make sure you are properly benefiting from all government programs? State and federal programs that regulate and benefit agricultural operations are numerous and complex.

Our federal and state tax professionals can help. Clients have relied on our professionals for decades to help them comply with regulations and benefit from state and federal programs.